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Quality is a state of mind at Fresh Company.
The Fresh Company is committed to providing of variety of quality products for every Albanian consumer. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we have become known for having quality products in the most competitive prices.
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On the market since 1992 Fresh Company is honored to be the first beverage producer in Albania. We are a leading manufacturer of soft drinks, juices and energy drinks. As one of the oldest beverage companies in Albania, as well leaders in quality, we are always seeking the best, respecting the nature and the health of every consumer. A local brand with a history of taste and freshness that is reflected today in the absolute quality of °Fresh° products!

Our Brands

Fresh Cola
Fresh Rico
Fresh Lemon
Fresh Orange
Fresh Exotic
Fresh 2L
Blu Fresh
We inject colour into everything we do to motivate and inspire all stakeholders.

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